Inkjet Waterproof Adhesive Vinyl

For vinyl decals, bumper stickers, or signs. Try our waterproof vinyl. Use this durable white waterproof vinyl to create your own bumper stickers, vinyl decals, or signs. Lamination is not required for outdoor use, but it will extend the life of your images. For inkjet printable white waterproof vinyl featuring a removable adhesive Click Here. Adding a product to your cart will take you to our ecommerce website

White inkjet waterproof vinyl. 
Decal paper/media: Waterproof Inkjet-Printable Vinyl Media
Available size:8.5" X 11" and 11" X 17"
Compatible with:All Desktop Inkjet Compatible with:
Color: White
Media/Film thickness:3.0 MIL
Type of adhesive:Permanent (removable for a few days depending on application)
Outdoor Life:Varies by ink used (Vinyl life is 3-5 years)
Additional supplies needed:Recommended: Papilio LLA5000 spray laminate
Note:To extend outdoor life and image durability. Use our aerosol spray laminate or sheet laminate.
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Taking advantage of a sheet laminate or spray laminate will increase the outdoor life and UV resistance of your creations. Inkjet printed bumper sticker. Waterproof media.
laminate aerosol We are frequently asked how one can make a waterproof bumper sticker using standard water soluble inks:
The principle is the same as when a t-shirt is stained. Our special inkjet coating is stained by the water soluble inks, when you print onto this media. Leaving a bumper sticker, vinyl decal, or sign that is waterproof, though printed using an ink that is not.
We strongly recommend the use of either our LLA5000 spray laminate or our WOL9512 sheet laminate. Either of these products will increase the outdoor life of your creation by providing UV resistance, extra physical protection, and chemical protection.
*The limiting factor in this inkjet medias outdoor life is always the UV durability of the ink used. Some inkjet inks are more UV durable than others, and we encourage you to perform tests to determine the UV durability of the ink you are using. Solvent based inks, such as the Epson DuraBrite inks typically provide the longest lasting outdoor decals.