Color Laser Type of Adhesive Clear Glossy Polyester Film

A glossy clear polyester film for newer color laser printers.

Make your own bumper stickers, outdoor signs, or production labels using our glossy clear polyester film and your color laser printer. Designed with today's newer, higher heat, color laser printers in mind, this polyester film will give you greater flexibility from the printer you already own. The best permanent decal film media for you laser printer. Sturdy and strong decal material film that can be printed in you color laser. Clear polyester printable in most color laser printers is and ideal media t make small run production labels and "mock up " of production labels, creating clear color laser labels that then later may be printed in large quantity using industrial printing presses if needed.
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color laser clear glossy polyester film
Decal paper/media: Glossy Clear Polyester Film
Available size:8.5" X 11"
Compatible with:Most Newer Color Laser Compatible with:
Media/Film thickness:Film: 3 Mil
Type of adhesive:Permanent
Outdoor Life:5 Year Film Life (Toner life varies by manufacturer)
Additional supplies needed:None
Note:Indoor/Outdoor Use
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