Color Laser White Ultra Cling Film

A glossy white ultra removable & reusable film.

Our ultra cling film allows you to create white stickers or labels that are almost as easily removable as static cling, without the disadvantages of static cling. This media features a revolutionary low tack adhesive designed to be easily removed, and then reused. Perfect for window clings, notices, and decorations. A new decal paper media for the desktop publishing media made for color laser printers this decal film is now coated for use in most desktop color laser printers. For more coated decal film and general decal paper.
For ultra cling with a clear background.
If you own an older color laser printer.
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color laser white ultra cling
Decal paper/media: Glossy White Ultra Cling Film
Available size:8.5" X 11"
Compatible with:Most Newer Color Laser Compatible with:
Media/Film thickness:Film: 3 Mil
Type of adhesive:Ultra Removable
Outdoor Life:N/A
Additional supplies needed:None
Note:Indoor Use Only
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For best selection we have assorted color laser decal paper and film coated for newer and "older" version of color laser printers. For clear new coated color laser ultra cling. For white ultra cling for older laser printers.