Type of adhesive Window Transparency Film

Permanent adhesive window transparency film.

Quality permanent adhesive window transparency film. This permanent adhesive clear polyester film allows you to create your own clear labels, signs, or decorations.
Please read ordering information carefully to determine the compatibility with your printer.
For a softer clear film, see our glossy clear vinyl .
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Inkjet Media  Type of adhesive Window Transparency Film
Inkjet permanent adhesive clear vinyl
Decal paper/media: Inkjet-printable transparency film.
Available size:8.5" X 11"
Compatible with:All Desktop Inkjet Compatible with:
Color: Clear
Media/Film thickness:3.0 MIL
Type of adhesive:Removable
Outdoor Life:N/A.
Additional supplies needed:None.
Note:Indoor use only.

This film differs from our clear self-adhesive vinyl in the following way:
  • Stiffer (more rigid) than our vinyl media.
  • Clearer (more transparent) than our glossy clear vinyl.
  • This film is easier to apply without trapping any small air bubbles.