Inkjet Media For Desktop Publishing

We offer a wide selection of Inkjet-printable media for your desktop publishing needs.

Inkjet Decal Paper. Our inkjet decal paper, available in both clear and white allows for the creation of super thin water slide decals. These decals allow for decorations that look almost like they were painted directly onto the surface of the item. Perfect for: mugs, RC models, scale modeling, candles, glassware, decorative plates, or any other non porous surface.

Inkjet Printable Static Cling.
Available in both clear and white our static cling is ideal for when you must have a media which will adhere, but do so without any adhesive. Relying solely on static electricity for adhesion, this media allows you to decorate glass or painted metal surfaces without any marring.

Magnetic paper. Our printable magnetic sheets and business cards are an ideal way to create magnetic decorations using your inkjet printer quickly and easily. Just feed this sheet into your printer and print directly onto the coated (white) surface, as you would onto paper. We offer this media in both full 8.5" X 11" sheets, and pre die-cut business cards featuring clean breaking edges.

Glow in the dark paper. With our glow in the dark paper you can create decorations that are truly unique. This specially coated paper absorbs ambient light and when the lights go out the paper glows with a soft green light. Since inkjet ink is semi-transparent by nature there is even some glow that seeps through the text/images you print, creating an out of this world experience.

Waterproof Inkjet Vinyl. This media allows for you to print with standard dye based (water soluble) ink, and create durable waterproof stickers or labels. Our unique coating is penetrated and stained by the ink, allowing for the creation of a waterproof label from an ink that is not. Start making your own bumper stickers, outdoor signage, or weatherproof labels today. Note: This media will work even better with solvent based inks such as the Epson DuraBrite inks, since some UV protection is built into the ink.

Clear Inkjet Vinyl. For clear labels and decorations that require you to be able to print high quality text and photos, look no further than our glossy clear inkjet vinyl. These sheets can be printed and left as one large label or cut down to whatever dimensions you desire. When it is time to apply simply peel away the liner and apply the label to your substrate.

Holographic films. Perhaps our most unique product. These films have a silver metallic base which reflects a veritable rainbow of colors when tilted slightly. The effect is similar to that of looking at the back of a compact disk at an angle. The wide variety of patterns printed on the films further enhance this effect. Create something using our holographic effect film today.

Photo Glossy Type of adhesive Photo Pape
r. This media is essentially a very high quality photo paper which features a self-adhesive backing. Print your photos using this paper and then cut out your photos or art. Peel away the liner and apply it to a Christmas ornament, scrapbook page, or school project.

Photo Glossy Film. A thin white polyester film coating with a beautiful, glossy, inkjet printable coating. For substrates you wish to place pictures or decorations on without the time involved for water slide, but where our photo glossy adhesive paper is too thick.

Gold and Silver inkjet media.
Thin polyester films with a shining reflective silver or gold finish. Print on silver and gold using this unique media.

Our standard sheets size is 8.5" X 11" (Letter size). Some of our media is available in 11" X 17" and we are able to accommodate larger or smaller custom sizes once you have ascertained the media fits your needs and application. For a sample sheet, visit and click on "samples"

Disclaimer: The user of our media must determine the suitability of each product before beginning production, using his equipment and method of application. The Sellers and Manufactures maximum obligation shall be to replace paper/film that has been found to be defective. Neither the manufacturer nor the seller shall be held liable for any injury, direct or consequential, arising out of the use of, or inability to use our paper or film.