Poly Focus Inkjet & Laser Over Laminates

Quality Sheet Over Laminates for Inkjet & Laser Output.

Don't let your precious memories be exposed to the ravages of the elements. With our new Poly Focus laminate sheets you can protect your inkjet and laser output without investing in a laminator. These laminates feature a safe acrylic based adhesive that will not react with inkjet inks or laser toners. Protect your memories today. These laminates come in 9.5" X 12" sheets so that protecting even a full 8.5" X 11" print is easy.
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Other Media  Poly-focus over-laminate film.
Poly Focus Inkjet Laser Over Laminates
Decal paper/media: Quality Sheet Cold Laminates
Available size:9.5" X 12"
Compatible with:All Inkjet & Laser Output
Color:Clear: Matte, Satin, Glossy, Leather, Canvas finishes
Media/Film thickness:5 Mil
Type of adhesive:Permanent
Outdoor Life:5 Years
Instructions:Peel & Stick
Additional supplies needed:None
Note:Simply peel the laminate away from the liner and apply to your artwork, photos, or project.
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