Inkjet Glow in the Dark Paper

Our special inkjet printable paper that glows in the dark.

With our glow in the dark paper you can now print anything from photos to art projects onto our special self-adhesive glow in the dark paper. The semi-transparent nature of inkjet ink lets the glow even show through the areas that are printed. Glow in the dark is a fun media for the kids and ideal for any scrap booking project.
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inkjet printable glow in the dark paper
Decal paper/media: Inkjet Glow in the Dark Paper
Available size:8.5" X 11"
Compatible with:All Desktop Inkjet Compatible with:
Color: Greenish White
Media/Film thickness:Film: 3 Mil
Type of adhesive: Permanent & Removable available
Outdoor Life:N/A.
Instructions: Included
Additional supplies needed:None
Note:Indoor use only.
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