Inkfreeze Drying Agent.

Our special inkjet printable paper that glows in the dark.

Papilio's unique Pigment Drying agent works in combination with our media and allows for the use of a broader range of printers. Use Inkfreeze where pigment inks would, under normal circumstances, never dry and begin printing with today's best-selling printers and technology, including ink types from Epson and the Hewlett Packard Vivera line. This product works like a sponge, soaking up excess inks and leaving behind a result that's both vibrant and crisp, ready for application or clear coating

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Inkfreeze drying agent.


This product is not for consumption! For best results, follow instructions on label.

Directions for use:

  1. Within 10-15 seconds after printing an image onto pigment capable Papilio media, coat the printed image in it's entirety using the Inkfreeze powder.
  2. Allow the powder to absorb excess inks from the printed image for approximately 10-15 seconds.
  3. Using a foam application sponge, or similar, gently wipe away all powder material.
  4. Touch a discrete portion of the image to ensure it is dry. If not, repeat application.
  5. Remaining powder after wiping the image may be rebottled and used again.
  6. Discard powder when little or no white remains of the original color. At this point, the material has been saturated with ink and will not function correctly.


Keep out of reach of children, in cool dry area

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