Inkjet Self-Type of adhesive Holographic Effect Film

Our line of unique holographic effect metallic polyester films.

Our holographic films are our most unique media in appearance. A bright mirror silver base is printed with different pattern, such as very small specks (star dust), larger squares (silver glitter), ice crystal like geometric shapes (silver crystals), crosshatching (hyper plaid), small circles (bubbles), or no decoration (silver shine). All of these films reflect a rainbow of colors when held at the slightest angle in the light.
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Inkjet printable holographic effect film.
Decal paper/media: Inkjet Holographic Metallic Polyester Films
Available size:8.5" X 11"
Compatible with:All Desktop Inkjet Compatible with:
Media/Film thickness:Film: 2 Mil
Type of adhesive:Permanent
Outdoor Life:N/A.
Additional supplies needed:None
Note:Indoor use only.
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