Inkjet Temporary Tattoo Paper & Kits

Create your own temporary tattoos.

Some individuals may develop reactions to adhesive even medical grade glues.
Create your own temporary tattoos that can be used almost immediately. Our special double liner adhesive sheets allow you to create tattoos now, but use them later without the adhesive becoming affected by lint or dirt. Inkjet tattoo paper is also available in bulk. Use only in recommended inkjet printers. Printable in most desktop inkjet printers.
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Inkjet Media  INKJET MEDIA.
Inkjet temporary tattoo kit. 
Decal paper/media: Temporary tattoo paper for Inkjet
Available size:8.5" X 11"
Compatible with:All Desktop Inkjet Compatible with:
Color: N/A
Media/Film thickness:Film .0015" .0012mm +/- .0002mm
Type of adhesive:Supplied in sheets. (not part of the ITT paper)
Outdoor Life:N/A.
Additional supplies needed:Water
Note:Inkjet ink does not come into direct contact with skin when using this product.
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Create your own temporary tattoos for birthday parties, Halloween, or just for fun.