Inkjet Clear Ultra Cling

A low tack ultra removable & ultra reusable clear vinyl film.

Our ultra cling media is ideal for making interior car window clings, especially when partnered with our PWMS aerosol white window masking spray. See the information below for how to create the perfect window cling.
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Inkjet clear ultra cling. 
Decal paper/media: Ultra Removable Clear Inkjet Vinyl
Available size:8.5" X 11"
Compatible with:All Desktop Inkjet Compatible with:
Media/Film thickness:Film 2.6 MIL 90# Stay flat liner.
Type of adhesive:Ultra removable.
Outdoor Life:N/A.
Instructions:Included ( Inkjet Clear Ultra Cling for PDF Document)
Additional supplies needed:None.
Note:Recommended for indoor use only.
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To create an interior window cling follow the steps below:
  • Print on the ultra cling film (glossy side up) in mirror or reverse image. Most popular graphics software applications have this as a one click option.
  • Allow your ink time to dry, then spray the sheet with our Papilio White Window Masking Spray (SKU: PWMS). This provides a white background for the semi-transparent inkjet inks, adding contrast to make your design more visible.
  • After allowing the masking spray to dry, cut out your clings from the sheet. The translucent nature of the spray allows you to see through the white background to the design beneath, allowing you to cut as close to your design as possible.
  • Peel your cling from the backing and apply it to the inside of your window. The person viewing your image will be looking through the window, through the adhesive, through the ultra cling, to the ink printed onto the clear film.