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New June 2021
Improved Holographic Silver-Shine self adhesive silver holographic reflection.

We now have aging in stock the holographic silver shine  in 10 packs with no lines and i 100 packs and having lines.

New January 2021
The waterproof adhesive film is now available in  Glossy Finish. Ideal film to make mock up or small run consumer productions stickers.

New October 2013
Water Decal Paper is a Dishwasher-Safe water slide Decal Paper for use in HP Color Laser Printers. Sold to the "Trade" only OR members of our Professional Desktop Publishing Customers.

New October 2013
Improved clear coating for our holographic adhesive film such as the silver-shine holographic adhesive film. This film will be back in stock in the beginning of November 2013.

NEW September 2013
You asked for it, now we have it. WATERPROOF glossy white vinyl. Look for the item code GWVF on our e-commerce site.

Updated-August 2013
Our Decal-Talk forum is now improved and up again.

NEW June 2013
The glossy white vinyl (permanent adhesive version) is back in production. 100% made in the USA.

NEW February 2013
We have added the PAS/N (soft laser water decal water slide decal paper) Back to our production line. PAS/N is similar to the PAS/4 water slide or water applied equal paper for color laser printers.

NEW January 2012
The waterproof inkjet vinyl available on rolls. 12" wide and on 2" core.

NEW December 2011
HPS LLC can custom coat and make custom water decal paper products. We can customize the water decal coating and supply you with water decal or water slide water slide on rolls 13" wide in the length you need. On 2" or 3" core. Call us to discuss your special water decal paper needs. We are the manufacturer and supplier of water decal paper. Our paper is coated her in The USA (Texas).

Deal talk logo.

NEW April 18th 2011 Decal Talk Forum

NEW April 18th 2011 Label Helper Version 4.0.2
Version 4.1.4 of our FREE label printing software is NOW available and yes it is still 100% free

NEW Jan 03 2011 Label Helper Version 4.0.2
Version 4.0.2 of our FREE label printing software is NOW available and yes it is still 100% free
NO trial or time limitation
Download from

New November 2010
Cricut Image Compatible 12" X 12" adhesive printable waterproof vinyl.

New July 2010
Color laser adhesive film. Polyfocus.
Polyfocus laser adhesive film.

NEW in June 2010
New Improved Made in the USA Water decal paper.

New in MAY 2010
Please go to our e-commerce website for complete information and/or to order this decal paper.
Dries faster and besides accepting all dye based inks and HP Vivera TM this paper will also accept Epson Claria TM inks Epson Ultra-chrome Tm Ultra-Chrome TM
When using Epson Claria you will need new Ink Freeze TM drying agent product

New April 2010
HPS LLC (Papilio) offer new product to cure the Epson Claria on the water slide decal paper. This is a curing agent that is applied in a powder from over the printed deal ta aid in the Epson Clasia ink dryin prior to applyin decal fixative to the decal paper.

New Laser T-Shirt Transfer Paper

March  2008

TransflatMX color laser t-shirt transfer paper is the most broadly compatible t-shirt transfer paper on the market today. Designed to work with most any newer color laser printer this media allows for the transfer of your printed design onto a light colored cotton or cotton blend t-shirt. A heat press (transfer press) is required to properly use this product, and obtain professional.

New White Waterproof Vinyl Label Sheets

January 2008
Due to popular demand we now offer our white waterproof vinyl in both full sheet labels and in pre die-cut sheets of multiple labels. Save the time and effort of cutting your vinyl decals from the sheet. This allows for a perfectly symmetrical label every time. More shapes and sizes will be available soon.

Laser Glow in the Dark Paper Available
Thursday, November 1, 2007

Our popular glow in the dark self-adhesive paper is not available for laser printers as well as our classic inkjet paper. Create glow in the dark signs, decorations, or stickers using this specialty paper and your color laser printer. This exciting media has been used by zoos, libraries, and special effects companies to create eerie decorations and amazing effects 

June 2007

Our metallic holographic patterned media is not available in a laser printable version, as well as our classic inkjet printable version. This new media is designed to be compatible with a wide range of today's newer color laser printers. Create dazzling rainbow reflective decorations, signs, or stickers with this new self-adhesive media.

Thursday, March 1, 2007FREE
Papilio Label Manager Software

We are proud to be able to offer our new label manager software to our customers free of charge. This free software allows you to use our die-cut label sheets, or your own media to create labels one at a time, or an entire sheet at a time. You can activate or deactivate each individual label in the software, so you can print as many or as few labels you want.

Die Cut Label Sheets Available!

January  2007

We now have a plethora of label sheets pre die-cut into various shapes and sizes available for both inkjet and laser printers. These label sheets come in a both clear and white, in a wide range of shapes and sizes. We have circular, oval, rectangular, and square labels available in many different sizes.
Removable White Waterproof Vinyl
Wednesday, November 1, 2006

We have decided to change the name of our ICT8511 (Inkjet Cling Tack Media) to WVFR8511 (White Waterproof Vinyl Removable) to cut down on confusion as to how this product is most often used. This media is the same media as our ultra popular white waterproof vinyl, but features a removable adhesive instead of a permanent adhesive. If you have ordered ICT in the past, you will find that WVFR is.

Saturday, July 1, 2006
Metallic Transfer Foils in 8' Length
Our metallic transfer foil: available in: gold, silver, blue, green, and red is now available in 8' rolls, as well as the classic 22' and 55' lengths. This shorter roll, is designed to help a new customer evaluate whether the product meets there needs without making the initial investment in a 22' or 55' roll.

Wednesday, March 1, 2006
New PolyFocus Over Laminate Sheets
We have replaced our PolyCover Sheet laminates with our new PolyFocus over laminate sheets. We feel this is a superior product featuring a stay flat liner, and a better acrylic based adhesive than the PolyCover media. Available in: Glossy, Satin, Matte, Leather, and Canvas you are sure to find an over laminate sheet that will bring your next project to life.

January 2006
Glow in the Dark Paper is Back
Our popular inkjet glow in the dark media is back with both permanent and removable adhesive versions available. Create your own glow in the dark stickers, signs, or art projects using this revolutionary new media. This material works by absorbing ambient light in the room during the day, and when the lights go out it comes to life with a bright green glow

Tuesday, November 1, 2005
New Metallic Transfer Foils
We have added a wide variety of exciting new colors to our line of metallic transfer foils. Now not only is the foil available in gold but also in silver, green, blue, and red. Now your diplomas, certificates, or art accents can be more colorful than ever before. Take the next step and product foil accented art projects in dazzling metallic colors.

Tuesday, March 1, 2005
Pre Die Cut Magnetic Business Cards
Now you can create your own professional quality magnetic business cards using only your home or office inkjet printer. This 11 mil thick high quality magnetic is top coated with a white inkjet printable vinyl and pre die cut into 10 business cards per sheet. The edges are clean breaking to avoid the ragged unprofessional look of some self printed business cards.

Magnetic Car Sign Kit
Saturday, January 1, 2005

This kit contains five sheets of our inkjet white waterproof vinyl and five sheets of our thick flexible magnetic. Combined you can make professional magnetic car signs using your inkjet printer. Create as many or as few at a time as you'd like. Change your design as often as you'd like without the hassle of going to a sign shop. Available in 5 sheet, 25 sheet, or 100 sheet kits.